Awesome places in Russia

Awesome places in Russia. The most fascinating corners of the country in the works of Photographers
Russian photographers traveled to the most remote corners of the country in search of new, unexplored places, which is charged with vital energy, inspire creativity, stimulate to new challenges and discoveries. Such places in Russia in abundance. These places attract people with its strength, wildness and native beauty. Where does one could find those awesome places in Russia?

Northern lights over the sky Nilmoguba (Karelia)

Awesome places in Russia

Photo: Ivan Dementievsky

Nilmoguba village in the Republic of Karelia. In the ancient Karelian village Nilmoguba on the shore of the White Sea my eyes caught on old boat “karbas”. Pomory is a folk anciently inhabited these places and “karbas” is the way how they called their boats. Previously, on the shores of the White Sea many Pomor villages were standing, now almost all of them extinct. From the former were old boats, living out under the stars last days. The only old boats living out under the stars last days show a good old days of this place.

Ice and Fire (Baikal)

Baikal lake

Photo: Mark Podrabinek

Baikal. Dawn. On the ice of Lake Baikal, not far from the sacred mountain Jima  that is located on Olkhon island a shaman conducts ritual offerings to the spirits. He made a fire right on the ice and rhythmically beats a tambourine. He asks nothing from the spirits – no health, no harvest, no money -he just shows the spirits a sign of respect. Baikal is really one of the most awesome places in Russia.

Autumn Games (Altai)

Aweso.e places in Russia. Altay

Photo: Sergey Vakorin

Altai, Lower Shavlinsky lake. People come to Altai from all over the world for the magic energy of the mountains. Even famous Roerich said that this place is full of clean energy. But it is difficult  to get to the desired location. You need to be patient to visit awesome places in Russia. Thus the high mountain ranges of the Altai hides Shavlinsky emerald lakes. Among the chaotic piles of rocks the highest ones have a lyrical names: Dream, Tale and Beauty. The most spectacular paints can catch at the fall, when the coniferous forest begins to change color, and is covered by the first snow. I was lucky enough to be here at this time.

The calmness of the night (Sheregesh, Kemerovo region)

Awesome places in Russia

Photo: Denis Milezhik

Night Sheregesh is beautiful and calm. Everything is calm and unhurried. Even the snow is not in a hurry: he carefully hides trees and hillsides to make a perfect freeride for early morning skiers and snowboarders. Many stars look from the top of the sky and keep silence. Awesome places in Russia isn’t it?

The planet smiles like that (Kamchatka)

Awesome places in Russia

Photo: Ivan Dementievsky

Kunashir Island. We look at the bay and see the rainbow. It stretched from end to end for kilometers. Here it is, a parting gift to travelers: Nature smiles – come again!


The path begins with the first step (Republic of Tuva)

 Awesome places in Russia

Photo: Oleg Terekhov

Chaa-Khol district of Tuva. Buddhist temple with an ancient Buddha image is located on the shores of Shagonarskoe lake high in the mountains – 99 meters above the water level. This is a copy of the Buddhist niche, the original of which is flooded every year during the filling of the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir. Age of the original niche is greater than millennium and dates from about VII-VIII centuries. Tuva Buddhists after filling the reservoir could contemplate this shrine only three months a year – from April to the end of June, when the water receded. The world knows only three such giant statues: the first – a giant statue of Buddha in Afghanistan, destroyed by the Taliban, the second is carved in the mountains of Tibet, and the third – in Chaa-Khol district.

A volcano and a hat (Kamchatka)

 Awesome places in Russia

Photo: Ivan Dementievsky

Kamchatka is really one of the most awesome places in Russia. Cloud sat down like a hat at the Kluchevskoy volcano. The hat was a volcano just right and looked like an Asian one. Such hats in East Asia are made of palm leaves and popular in China and Vietnam. The highest volcano in Eurasia in that hat looked even more proud than usual, and has no plan to erupt.


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