Great Victory Day

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The Second World War has a special place in the history of our dear Russia. Tragic, sad, and even cruel. Russian soldiers of different nationalities were killed defending their home. May 9 – Victory Day – the day of joy and sorrow, is a celebration with a tears in eyes. … Read More

Wild wild North

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What do you know about the peoples of the North? A third of the population of Taimyr (about 10 thousand people) are peoples of the North (Indigenous Peoples) – Evenki, Dolgan, Nganasan, Nenets and Enets nationality. Many of them still continue to practice reindeer husbandry and fisheries on the peninsula. … Read More

Grelka Fest 2016 in Sheregesh

Sheregesh Sheregesh – this is one of the most rapidly developing ski resorts in Russia. A ski resort located in the Kemerovo region in southern Siberia. The resort has a large number of modern lifts and high-quality slopes. Distinctive feature of this resort is the type of snow – it is … Read More

Russian secret places: Putorana Plateau

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Located in the northwest of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Putorana Plateau can be attributed to one of the most interesting natural sights in Russia. Not without a reason this mountain range was included into the World Heritage list and the Evenki and other indigenous peoples consider these places sacred. “Putorana” is from the native … Read More

Golden Ring History

Despite the fact that Golden Ring is well-known russian brend its origins is still badly discovered. The invention of the “Golden Ring”, the main tourist brand of the USSR and Russia – a phenomenon in the history of the Country and the only episode in the life of Yuri Aleksandrovich Bychkov. Art … Read More

In search of the Northern Lights

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If you want to see the beauty of the sky, calling the Northern Lights, it is necessary to go beyond the Arctic Circle. The easiest way to find the northern lights in the Murmansk region. The largest airport is in the city of Murmansk, which is 1,000 kilometers from St. … Read More

8 facts about Krasnaya Polyana

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8 facts about Krasnaya Polyana ski resort (Sochi, Russia) The popular ski resort is an excellent alternative to European resorts – Zermatt, Courchevel and other expensive points. Due to the favorable exchange rate the prices for the services are considerably lower! This 8 fact about Krasnaya Polyana ski resert located in Sochi would give … Read More

Sortavala: Northern Crown

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Location Sortavala: Northern Crown Karelia region is one of the most picturesque parts of Russia. This place is unique by famous Balaam, Ruskeala careers, Kizhi, Petrozavodsk with its international embankment, and, of course, Sortavala city. Sortavala – friendly village in northern modern style. Due to change of the state borders with time, the city became … Read More

North-West part of Russia: Pskov

Location 5 reasons to visit North-West part of Russia 1. First of all it is a perfect chance to get in touch with the great history of Russia! You can see the land where the foundations of Russian statehood were established: where Princess Olga grew up, and where she was … Read More

Hermitage Museum Facts

State Hermitage admitted as a best museum of Russia and Europe and entered to the three world leaders museums in a survey of tourists in the portal TripAdvisor. There are several interesting facts about this unique museum. Main collection located in five buildings in the center of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The  … Read More

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