North-West part of Russia: Pskov

Location 5 reasons to visit North-West part of Russia 1. First of all it is a perfect chance to get in touch with the great history of Russia! You can see the land where the foundations of Russian statehood were established: where Princess Olga grew up, and where she was … Read More

Hermitage Museum Facts

State Hermitage admitted as a best museum of Russia and Europe and entered to the three world leaders museums in a survey of tourists in the portal TripAdvisor. There are several interesting facts about this unique museum. Main collection located in five buildings in the center of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The  … Read More

Top 10 interesting facts about Russia

What do you know abour Russia? Is it still mysterious country with bears on the street and gangsters everywhere? Or maybe it is a beutiful country with great culture, nice people and wonderful history? What is a “Russian spirit”? Empty-handed? No way! First of all you shouldn’t come to visit … Read More

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