Teriberka Russia

“Teriberka. New Life!” festival A small village Teriberka in Russia on the shore of the Barents Sea became known to the whole world after the release of Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan movie.   Leviathan movie show a sad symbol of all Russian troubles.It was then that the Big Earth Fund, the LavkaLavka farm cooperative … Read More

UNESCO monuments in Russia

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Little-known UNESCO monuments in Russia List of natural and cultural attractions, by UNESCO organization is a kind of quality mark, saying the traveler, what is definitely worth seeing. Taking this opportunity, we are going to tell the story of Russian places and objects inscribed on the World Heritage register. Central … Read More

Wild wild North

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What do you know about the peoples of the North? A third of the population of Taimyr (about 10 thousand people) are peoples of the North (Indigenous Peoples) – Evenki, Dolgan, Nganasan, Nenets and Enets nationality. Many of them still continue to practice reindeer husbandry and fisheries on the peninsula. … Read More

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