Karelia tourism and Karelia travel

Karelia region and Karelian heritage “Terra incognita” – so called Karelia Nicholas Roerich, who discovered this land in the early twentieth century and created here more than two hundred paintings. Karelia, after a hundred years, has not lost its pristine beauty that has conquered the great artist and philosopher: the … Read More

Teriberka Russia

“Teriberka. New Life!” festival A small village Teriberka in Russia on the shore of the Barents Sea became known to the whole world after the release of Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan movie.   Leviathan movie show a sad symbol of all Russian troubles.It was then that the Big Earth Fund, the LavkaLavka farm cooperative … Read More

Places to visit in Russia

Russia travel advice – Kuthiny bahty in Kamchatka Almost at the very south of Kamchatka near the Kuril Lake there is an interesting geological attraction with an unusual name “Kuthiny bahty.” This strange name comes from the mythology of the Itelmen, one of the indigenous Kamchatka peoples, and the emergence … Read More

Deepest lake in the world – Baikal lake

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What to see and do on Baikal Lake? Why Baikal can make you sick for the rest of your life? How the local shamans control the weather and what is the taste of a tiny Baikal lake fish golomyanka? These and other matters in the article below. Baikal Sea Never say “Lake Baikal” – the … Read More

Grelka Fest 2016 in Sheregesh

Sheregesh Sheregesh – this is one of the most rapidly developing ski resorts in Russia. A ski resort located in the Kemerovo region in southern Siberia. The resort has a large number of modern lifts and high-quality slopes. Distinctive feature of this resort is the type of snow – it is … Read More

Russian secret places: Putorana Plateau

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Located in the northwest of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Putorana Plateau can be attributed to one of the most interesting natural sights in Russia. Not without a reason this mountain range was included into the World Heritage list and the Evenki and other indigenous peoples consider these places sacred. “Putorana” is from the native … Read More

8 facts about Krasnaya Polyana

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8 facts about Krasnaya Polyana ski resort (Sochi, Russia) The popular ski resort is an excellent alternative to European resorts – Zermatt, Courchevel and other expensive points. Due to the favorable exchange rate the prices for the services are considerably lower! This 8 fact about Krasnaya Polyana ski resert located in Sochi would give … Read More

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