Grelka Fest 2017

Now is the right time to prepare for Grelka Fest 2017! If you love skiing, you should definitely visit this wonderful holiday – Grelka Fest 2017! Every year in April a small Russian town of Sheregesh carry on a wonderfull festival Grelka Fest, which attracts thousands of fans of this sport. At this time, the … Read More

Grelka Fest 2016 in Sheregesh

Sheregesh Sheregesh – this is one of the most rapidly developing ski resorts in Russia. A ski resort located in the Kemerovo region in southern Siberia. The resort has a large number of modern lifts and high-quality slopes. Distinctive feature of this resort is the type of snow – it is … Read More

8 facts about Krasnaya Polyana

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8 facts about Krasnaya Polyana ski resort (Sochi, Russia) The popular ski resort is an excellent alternative to European resorts – Zermatt, Courchevel and other expensive points. Due to the favorable exchange rate the prices for the services are considerably lower! This 8 fact about Krasnaya Polyana ski resert located in Sochi would give … Read More

Snowboarding in Siberia

We are not kidding! Snowboarding in Siberia is not only possible but just awesome! Would you like to try yourself in such a wonderful place? Sheregesh ski and snowboard resort provide 15 elevators, height difference around 700 meters, no avalanches, 5-6 meters of snow powder, the average length of descent … Read More

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