Grelka Fest 2016 in Sheregesh


Sheregesh – this is one of the most rapidly developing ski resorts in Russia. A ski resort located in the Kemerovo region in southern Siberia. The resort has a large number of modern lifts and high-quality slopes.
Distinctive feature of this resort is the type of snow – it is soft and crumbly. Sheregesh is great for freeride. The season begins in November and lasts until May.

Grelka Fest

Grelka Fest is an annual music festival that take place in Sheregesh city far in Siberia. Festival usually begins in mid-April and last for a week. One of the distinctive features of this festival in Sheregesh is the descent from the mountain in swimwear. Every year the number of participants of descent in swimsuit creates Guinness world record. Grelka Fest 2016 was not an exception.

First results

More than 2000 participants took part in the descent in bathing suits in 2016 and set a new Guinness world record. The festival began today (16 April) and will last a week.
Weather helped comfortable the descent from the mountain – the temperature rose up to 18 C, sunny and there was no wind. The snow cover in Sheregesh is more than 2 meters at this moment.
Now more than 5 dance areas have taken a large number of beautiful people. Famous DJs will play their best tracks until the morning.

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