Grelka Fest 2017

Now is the right time to prepare for Grelka Fest 2017! If you love skiing, you should definitely visit this wonderful holiday – Grelka Fest 2017! Every year in April a small Russian town of Sheregesh carry on a wonderfull festival Grelka Fest, which attracts thousands of fans of this sport.

Grelka Fest 2017

At this time, the resort is already warm enough. Most of the participants prefer to ride in bathing suits, fueling the global interest for this event. In addition, the main feature of the festival is a mass descent in a bikini. The number of people wishing to take part in descent is growing fast. If in 2013 it was 700 beauties in bikinis, then in 2015 there were already more than 1800! The Green Mountain was just blossomed from such a large number of young and beautiful girls.

The first mass descent got into Guinness Book of Records. The festival annually attracts more than 10 thousand people who share a love of skiing and snowboarding. In 2016, in the descent took part not only beautiful girls in a bikini, but also participants in colorful carnival costumes. Among the participants were played out prizes for the most original costume, so there were no any losers during the descent! Particularly it is welcomed to participate by the group with a common theme of carnival costumes.

Grelka Fest 2017

What will Grelka Fest 2017 delight to its participants in 2017?

What will be Grelka Fest 2017 is difficult to predict. Date of holding is not yet known, but is expected in the month of April. After all, the organizers always hold a secret new ideas and plans for the holiday. However, we can say with confidence that the festival is growing and growing every year, which means that next year everything will be much more interesting and more fun.

Those who attended the festival in 2016, he could observe:

  • Mass descent in bathing suits;
  • The work of the most popular Russian DJs;
  • Ski Jumping into the pool;
  • The competition “King of the Hill” for the male half of the participants of the festival;
  • Hollie paints Festival;
  • Mulled wine and pilaf festival;
  • Official party at a nightclub;
  • Contests for the best photos on social networks, and more.
Grelka Fest 2017 provides an opportunity to go to Grelka Fest 2017


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