Hermitage Museum Facts

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
State Hermitage admitted as a best museum of Russia and Europe and entered to the three world leaders museums in a survey of tourists in the portal TripAdvisor. There are several interesting facts about this unique museum.

  1. Main collection located in five buildings in the center of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The  museum collection is represented by more than 3 million of artworks from the Stone Age to the present century.
  2. The museum name comes from French word “ermitage” – a place of solitude. Originally art collection began to acquire by the  Russian Empress Catherine II.
  3. The Hermitage has a separate room allotted by Rembrandt, which presents 24 paintings by the Dutch artist – the largest collection outside the Netherlands.
  4. In 1985 was damaged the famous “Danae”. The Rembrandt room came a man who asked the workers of the museum, which of the paintings in this room is the most valuable. After that he went to the “Danae” and threw her sulfuric acid.
  5. The Hermitage Museum has the original ritual: in 2010, when it became necessary to restore the floor in the famous Knights’ Hall of the New Hermitage, the carriage of horse “knights” took place with the music of a military orchestra accompanied by State Heraldry Master of the Russian Federation.
  6. The Hermitage Museum is famous by its cats. At this moment there are more than 50 animals live there. Empress Catherine II in 1745 made a special request according to which it had chosen to send the best hunters of mice and rats to live in museum. Catherine II gave the cats the status of “security guards of art galleries”.
  7. The Hermitage (Winter Palace) also interesting as a last residence of Russian Tsars. The shadows of the last monarchy are almost everywhere in Winter Palace. One evidence of that life – the inscription on the window of the second floor, which was made by Empress Alexandra Feforovna: «Nicky 1902 looking at the hussars.  17 March». The couple had to live in the Winter Palace only for  three years.
  8. One of the most unusual exhibits of the Hermitage – organic. Here are the oldest wool carpet, Chinese silk fabric and tattoos on human skin. These artifacts were found in Pazyryk in the permafrost of Altai Mountains.

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