North-West part of Russia: Pskov


5 reasons to visit North-West part of Russia

Snow in Russia Pskov sity

1. First of all it is a perfect chance to get in touch with the great history of Russia! You can see the land where the foundations of Russian statehood were established: where Princess Olga grew up, and where she was carrying the Great Prince Igor through the rapid river Velikaja, where Vladimir the Baptist spends his childhood, where at the Pskov Veche the foundations of Russian democracy were formed.
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2. To see and admire the beauty of the Pskov fortress. Find out what secrets were kept by the ancient walls of Pskov, and why under them the best armies of Europe again and again were defeated, to understand the laws of the ancient fortifications. Climb powerful towers of Pskov and Izborsk and feel yourself as a defender of the medieval fortress.

Ancient Russia Pskov 2

3. To see holy places, such as “God’s made” caves of the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery. To take a look on a unique icons and frescoes of the Pskov art school that differs from all the other schools with their limited expression, democracy, and impulsivity.
Pskovo Pecherskiy mens monastery

4. To take a walk along through the shady streets of the old Pskov, where intricately intertwined the architecture of the medieval architecture with the architecture of provincial city of the XIX century.

Ancient Russia Pskov

5. To visit the Edge that has inspired composers such as Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, to worship the tomb of Alexander Pushkin and hear about his life and hilarious tricks at the Mikhailovsky village. There, in Pushkinogorsky District, learn the history of “Moor of Peter the Great”,  Pushkin’s great-grandfather Abram Petrovich Hannibal.

Izborsk Pushkin family home


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