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Chulyshman Valley Tour

We invite you to take part in an unforgettable journey far in wild mountains of Siberia. This exciting jeep tour in Siberia allows you to see the most interesting and picturesque places of the Altai Mountains: Chulyshman valley of the river, stone mushrooms, waterfall Uçar, pass Katu-Yaryk, Ulagansky Highlands, Chuiski, Chike-Taman Pass Seminsky.
Get unforgettable emotions and connect with untouched nature!

The tour starts in Novosibirsk

Tour Period: June – September

Kind of travel: road-walking tour

Duration: 5 days (7 days upon request)

Group size: 7-15 people.

Please specify the availability of the tours and the price via e-mail prior booking

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Footsteps of the Roerich expedition
Footsteps of the Roerich expedition

Very beautiful and fascinating tour to the foot of the highest mountain of Siberia Belukha (4.506m)! Its majestic beauty from the earliest times inspired local residents who considered that it is sacred. It was worshiped not only by the Altaians, but also by representatives of other peoples: Kazakhs, Mongols and many Turkic tribes. According to legend, it is here that the entrance to the mysterious country of spiritual purity and prosperity Shambhala, or Belovodie, as it is called by the people of the Uimon Valley.

You will conquer two famous passes: Seminsky (1.717m), Chike-Taman (1.295m) and will pass along the way of the Central-Asian expedition of Roerich, you will see the mountains, which he captured in his famous paintings. An unusually beautiful and rich route to the energy center of Altai, radial exits to the valley of 7 lakes and the City of the Sun-Yarlu valley, as well as a bright, memorable excursion to the village of Old Believers await you. Here you will visit the Roerich Museum and learn the secrets of the mysterious country Belovodya. Forward to adventure!

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Hunting in Altai Forests
Hunting in Altai Forests

Like extreme sports? Can not imagine your life without hunting and fishing? Long dreamed to try something new? Hunting in Altai Forests – is exactly what you need!

We invite you to take part in trophy animal hunting in Altai Forests. For one-two weeks you could turn into one of the earliest explorers, miles from civilization.

The tour starts in Novosibirsk (or Barnaul)

Tour Period: All year round

Kind of travel: road-walking active tour

Duration: 8-10 days

Group size: 3-8 people.

The price is approximate (depends on the season) 
Please specify the availability of the tours and the price via e-mail prior booking


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Rafting in Altai Mountains
Rafting in Altai Mountains
Do you know why Rafting in Altai Mountains has become a legend?

What rafting tour is the most exciting? No options – rafting on the middle Katun. Usually tourists breathy tell friends about this tour!

There are several reasons:
Katun – the most violent and deep river Altai with width around 200-300 meters (a pair of football fields!)
Katun – a mecca for fans of rafting, since it is here that held one of the World Cup in rafting.
Katun – really wild and uninhabited areas.
Katun – sandy beaches and a 20-meter pine.
Katun – more than a dozen rapids, including the fourth category of difficulty, 3-meter shafts and powerful Shiver, who will meet on your way.
Katun – a standalone rafting (all supplies we take with us) in remote areas where there are no roads and civilization.

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Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing
Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

A paradise for those who do not enjoy a standard rest, but appreciate solitude, beauty of the wild nature, greatness of the mountains and unique experience! It is here that you can feel the true Altai Mountains, enjoy its secrets and unique colors! A real adventure in the wild, inaccessible mountains.

Studying the roots of Buddhism, the famous artist Nikolai Roerich visited these places and glorified them all over the world. Roerich believed that Belukha, like the Himalayas, has a connection with the Cosmos. You can visit the legendary mountain and feel its mystical power. Belukha and its surroundings are the Place of Force. And ascent is the path of self-determination.

Climbing the Belukha mountain is one of the new Russia tour packages that available for foreigners.  Only here you can make your trip to Russia not only extreme but also full of mystical power.  Also you can say to your friends that you’ve climbed one of the biggest mountains in the World! You’ll not find any other Russian travel agency that provide a tour like that!

Main Information of the Belukha mountain climbing tour
Duration: 13 Days | 12 Nights
The tour starts in Novosibirsk
Age: From 18 years old
Accommodation: tents, tourist’s houses
Nutrition: all inlcuded

The price starts from 1700$ and depends on the time of the tour and the group size. Please  contact us via contact form to clarify the information.

Belukha mountain climbing tour dates in 2017:

  • 02.07-14.07;
  • 16.07-28.07;
  • 30.07-11.08;
  • 13.08-25.08;
  • 27.08-08.09;
  • or upon your request.


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Snowmobile Safari in Altai

Fresh winter tour at! Snowmobile Safari in Altai Mountains!
Try yourself as a pioneer discovering endless expanses of South Siberia! Feel fresh air and admire the beauty of untouched nature!
Only here you will be able to feel the harsh and beautiful Altai highlands winter version. Snow-covered highest peaks, ice-bound rivers and waterfalls, ringing silence and intoxicating frosty air.
A unique opportunity to manage a powerful off-road equipment gives a sense of freedom of movement and confidence.
Price of the tour depends on the date, duration and the number of tourists in group and starts from 800$. Please connect us via contact form to clarify the date and price of the tour. The rule is simple – more people – less price!

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