Rafting in Altai Mountains
Rafting in Altai Mountains
Do you know why Rafting in Altai Mountains has become a legend?

What rafting tour is the most exciting? No options – rafting on the middle Katun. Usually tourists breathy tell friends about this tour!

There are several reasons:
Katun – the most violent and deep river Altai with width around 200-300 meters (a pair of football fields!)
Katun – a mecca for fans of rafting, since it is here that held one of the World Cup in rafting.
Katun – really wild and uninhabited areas.
Katun – sandy beaches and a 20-meter pine.
Katun – more than a dozen rapids, including the fourth category of difficulty, 3-meter shafts and powerful Shiver, who will meet on your way.
Katun – a standalone rafting (all supplies we take with us) in remote areas where there are no roads and civilization.

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