Rubinstein Street

Rubinstein Street was recognized as one of

the main restaurant streets of Europe


What do you know about “must visit” places in Saint Petersburg? Rubinstein Street is actually one of them! The street included into the top main restaurant streets of Europe according to the Washington Post. The street located in Saint Petersburg. This news was announced by famous Saint Petersburg historian and ethnographer Lev Lurye. “The reporter from Berlin bureau of Washington Post just called us. He is preparing material about the main restaurant streets of Europe and asked about Rubinstein street “- told the St. Petersburg historian and ethnographer.

Rubinstein Street St Petersburg

Rubinstein street St Petersburg

The street is one of main streets in St Petersburg Russia and located in the center of the city close to Nevsky Avenue and famous for the abundance of restaurants and bars. First pubs appeared on Rubinstein Street in 1994, but in the mid-2000s there was a real boom: cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee houses appeared in almost all houses along the street and spilled into the neighboring yards and alleys. Since that time first restaurant agglomeration was formed in St. Petersburg and the guides said that this place becomes “must visit”.

Rubinstein Street St Petersburg

Nowadays Rubinstein Street is one of the most crowded streets of Saint Petersburg especially at the evening. There are more than 50 restaurants and bars are located along the Rubinstein Street (the street is not actually too long). Every bar is trying to attract people by its own style. So, Rubinstein Street is one of the “must visit” places in Saint Petersburg and we recommend you to visit this beautifull place!

Where is located Rubinstein street St Petersburg?

You just need to go to Mayakovskaya metro station exit on Nevsky Prospect and move left. Five minutes by walk and then turn left to Rubinstein Street.



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