Russian visa is your first step to travel in Russia. Generally tourists need to obtain a visa to enter Russia. Fortunately, our clients receive a visa support document absolutely for free upon booking a tour. The company also provides a visa support document for individual travellers for additional fee.

So how to apply for Russian visa?

 What documents are required for Russian visa?

  • Filled and printed Russian visa application form. You can fill it via website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Passport (must be valid 6 months after arrival from Russia and has at least 2 consecutive empty pages)
  • 2 passport-size photos (there are special requirements for photo)
  • Official Russian visa invitation document

Visa process notes

  • The best time to start visa application procedure is 3-3.5 months before your trip
  • If you are planing to enter Russia several times you need to apply for double-entry or multi-entry visa
  • Generally it takes 7-10 business days for the Consulate to process your documents and issue your visa


Visa invitation document is an obligatory for Russian visa that's why government requires all visitors to Russia to obtain a visa support document (a letter of invitation) from an officially licensed tourism organisation. I want to visit Russia provides a visa support document absolutely for free upon booking a tour. In case if you want to receive a visa support document only (without a tour) we could make it for some fee.


Can I enter Russia using my passport only?

No, you need a visa.

Can I use a visa support document to enter Russia?

No, you need a visa and valid passport.

Can I apply for russian visa 6 months before arrival?

No, you should apply no earlier than 90 days before your requested visa start date.

I'm going to visit Russia with my children. Do I need a visa for them?

Yes if they've already got a separate passport. The procedure is the same as for adults.

 Am I need to register my visa?

Yes you should register their visas within three working days of their arrival (excluding weekends and official public holidays). Generally all tourists register their visa at the first hotel check.

 Can I extend my visa?

Visa cannot be extended. You need to come back home and make a new one. But there are several exceptions: 

  • An accident or serious illness
  • Seat unavailability in case of an open-date ticket
  • Your flight being delayed, cancelled or missed due to misadventure
  • Other serious cases