Arctic cruise in Russia


A unique tour that will introduce you to the Arctic part of Russia on a comfortable cruise ship. The cruise begins in Yakutsk and goes beyond the Arctic Circle to the city of Tiksi.

You will be surprised how people live in such a harsh nature, how they are cheerful and kind, what a complicated life they have and what beautiful songs they sing. The journey takes place on a comfortable and warm ship. For your convenience there are several classes of cabins and you are able to choose the one that you like the most.
During the trip there will be a funny and interesting program on the boat. You can listen to lectures of the history of Yakutia, numerous contests with prizes, discos and live performances of actors.

Main Information of the Arctic cruise tour
Duration: 14 Days | 13 Nights
The tour starts in Yakutsk
Age: From 18 years old
Children: 14 years and over
Accommodation: cabins
Nutrition: all inlcuded (3 times a day)

Tour Information

What is interesting in Arctic cruise in Russia?

The first thing you see on the Arctic cruise is the impressive “Lena Pillars” – steep cliffs that go along the riverbank for more than 40 km. Further, the ship goes closer to the Arctic Circle and enters several villages, where you can get acquainted with the national color of local residents. Here you will see performances, songs and rituals of local residents. You can try the local cuisine, learn to hunt and to fish the way the locals do for centuries.

And of cource you will cross the Arctic Circle and reach the Tiksi – the northernmost  village of Yakutia. The place is relatively cold that’s why during hot summer months such as July and August, temperatures remain relatively cool. In July you can see how a polar day looks like. August will please you by polar white nights. In late August early September, you can see an impressive nature phenomenon – the riot of the Northern Lights.

Arctic cruise program

Day 1. Yakutsk

Arrival to Yakutsk. Accomodation at the ship. City Tour. Souvenir shops. Departure of the ship at the evening.

Day 2. The Lena Pillars

The ship will sail along the national park “Lena Pillars” and makes a stop. “Lena Pillars” are steep rocks in the form of pillars more than 200 meters high, stretching along the river for more than 40 km. During the stop, a ritual ceremony will be held – “Purification by fire” and a climb to the top (optional) from where you can see a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Day 3. Buotama river

Buotama is the right tributary of the Lena with a length of 418 km. Many thousands of years ago there lived primitive hunters of mammoths and buffalo. A few years ago in the taiga were found ruined primitive furnaces used for making iron, which is several thousand years old. Ten years ago, the only bizonary in Russia was established. During the Arctic cruise you will be able to see these majestic animals.

Day 4. Journey on the river Lena

Here the river Lena goes to the plain, the valley of the river expands to 35 km, the depths increase to 25 meters. During the movement you can see the delightful views on the slopes of the Verkhoyansk mountains. Civilization remains behind, for several hundred kilometers around you will not meet a man. If you are lucky, then perhaps you will see representatives of the fauna – foxes, wolves and other animals.

Day 5. Zhigansk village

On this day we finally see the civilization during our Arctic cruise – the village of Zhigansk. The ship will make a stop, tourists will be brought ashore on the boat because the depth of the water is low. In the city there are more than 2500 people. Local residents are engaged in hunting, fishing and cattle breeding. On the shore a concert will be given, where local artists will depict the sounds of nature using special musical instruments.

Day 6. Kyusyur village

Stop in a small village Kyusyure village. Men are engaged in reindeer breeding and hunting, and women sew beautiful national clothes, decorated with fur and beads. You can see and buy your favorite clothes from the masters.

Day 7. Tiksi village

If the weather is fine, an excursion to the village of Tiksi – the sea gate of Yakutia will be conducted. In the Yakut language, it means “meeting place, mooring”. Tiksi appeared on the map by the mid-1930s. The navigation period here is extremely short – 2.5 months, during 9-10 months the Laptev Sea is covered with a layer of ice up to 1.5-2 m thick and more. In the winter it is very dark here, as the polar nights come. In the Soviet era, Tiksi was a very beautiful and modern city, now there is desolation.

Day 8 – Day 9. Sweeming along Lena river

The Arctic cruise goes along the steep banks of the river with a breathtaking view. Passage on the ship via the village Siktah, which was founded by messengers of Empress Catherine II. Also this place is famous by the shipwreck of the ship “Evers”  in the spring of 1729 that was crushed by ice.

Day 10 – Day 11. The Arctic Circle

During Arctic cruise, our ship will cross the Arctic Circle near Zhigansky ulus. The polar circle is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth, a parallel in the Northern Hemisphere with a latitude of 66 ° 33 ’38 “. On the day of the winter solstice (December 21-22) to the north of the polar circle, the Sun does not rise, but does not enter the day of the summer solstice (June 21-22).

Day 12. Camping

On one of the most beautiful places of Lena you will find a picturesque green parking lot. Here you can take a walk along the untrodden trails, marvel at the gifts of nature, admire the magnificent sunset. And in the evening, in honor of approaching the completion of the cruise, a symbolic Bonfire of Friendship will be lit on the shore, and songs will be played in different languages.

Day 13. Sotintsy village

Excursion to the open-air architectural museum “Friendship”, located on the site of the original foundation by the Russian explorers of the future city of Yakutsk. The unique wooden technique of making utensils and household items will not leave you indifferent.

Day 14. Farewell to Yakutia

5.00 – Arrival to Yakutsk.

Breakfast. Checking baggage. Airport transfer. Departure from Yakutsk.

Arctic Cruise Schedule for 2017:

July 08-July 21, 2017;

24 July – 06 August 2017;

07 August – 20 August 2017;

August 21 – September 3, 2017.

Prices of the Arctic cruise tour:

Four-bed standard cabin:

Four standard beds. Air condition is available, but doesn’t work, when ship engine is off. WC in the cabin.

  • 4900 Euro/cabin if 2 people in the cabin
  • 5200 Euro/cabin if 3 people in the cabin
  • 5600 Euro/cabin if 4 people in the cabin

18 such cabins on the Lena River cruise ship.

Twin & triple standard cabin:

Three standard beds (one of them is upper). Air condition is available, but doesn’t work, when ship engine is off. WC in the cabin.

  • 3500 Euro/cabin if 1 person in the cabin
  • 4900 Euro/cabin if 2 people in the cabin
  • 5050 Euro/cabin if 3 people in the cabin

31 cabins.

One-bed (single) cabin with an additional bed:

One standard bed plus one upper. Air condition is available, but doesn’t work, when ship engine is off. WC in the cabin.

  • 2750 Euro/cabin, if single
  • 3650 Euro/cabin, if 2 people in the cabin

6 such cabins are available.

De Luxe (DBL):

One room. TV set, additional air condition (works during stops), mini refrigerator. WC in the cabin.

  • 3750 Euro/cabin, if single
  • 5450 Euro/cabin, if two people in the cabin

8 cabins are available.

Luxe Suite:

Two rooms, 1 queen sized bed. TV set, additional air condition (works during stops), mini refrigerator. WC in the cabin.

  • 6950 Euro/cabin, if single or couple in the cabin

3 cabins are available.


  • Cabins are sold as the whole. By cabins.
  • As not much time left, full pre-payment is required.
  • Participation in the 14-day cruise without state border entry permit is possibe, if travelers agree to not visit Tiksi for town excursion and stay on board.
  • Cruise to Tiksi (one way) costs 60% of the above listed rates. Four-bed cabins are available for one-way journey only. Important! Please, note that you will need to get an extra state border entry permit for Tiksi and our travel agency’s guide will need to fly from Yakutsk to Tiksi to meet you and be with you for the whole period of your being in Tiksi and be responsible for you to FSB’s State Border Service.


  • cabin cost;
  • meals during the cruise;
  • entertainment en route;
  • group bus transfers (one transfer from airport/hotel to the ship and one transfer from the ship to airport/hotel);
  • state border entry permit.


  • Ticket to/from Yakutsk
  • Acohol
  • Souvenirs