Hunting in Altai Forests


Like extreme sports? Can not imagine your life without hunting and fishing? Long dreamed to try something new? Hunting in Altai Forests – is exactly what you need!

We invite you to take part in trophy animal hunting in Altai Forests. For one-two weeks you could turn into one of the earliest explorers, miles from civilization.

The tour starts in Novosibirsk (or Barnaul)

Tour Period: All year round

Kind of travel: road-walking active tour

Duration: 8-10 days

Group size: 3-8 people.

The price is approximate (depends on the season) 
Please specify the availability of the tours and the price via e-mail prior booking


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Tour Information

Hunting Location

We organize hunting in private hunting grounds and common areas. Hunting in Altai Forests takes place in the taiga areas of the Altai Mountains. The temperature varies depending on the time of year and the altitude from +25 to -20 degrees (the altitude is 1000-2500 meters above sea level). Along with hunting you will have the opportunity to hunt forest birds, fish in clear rocky rivers of Altai Mountains. Here you will meet the trophies of the forests of Altai Mountains: Siberian stag, Siberian Ibex (Capricorn), the brown bear, deer, wild boar, wolf, fox, grouse, hazel hen, willow ptarmigan and others.

All travelers are provided by the the trip mats, sleeping bags, tents, group equipment for cooking and camp equipment. Hunting in Altai Forests is a a good way to rest that’s why the only things you should take are warm clothes, waterproof shoes and personal care items. Refine your list of things that need to take a tourist, you can ask a consultant. Hunting is carried out in different ways depending on time of year and the type of production.

Approximate program of the tour

  • Meeting at the airport of Barnaul (Novosibirsk).
  • Delivery hunters in the Gorno-Altaisk for payment and completion of documents.
  • Delivery to the base camp (500-700 km), depending on the tour with two stops for meals. Total travel time is about 11 hours.
  • Accommodation for the night at the base camp, dinner, sauna.
  • Morning zeroing weapons charges, exit to the hunting area. Moving (25-50 km) are carried out in a jeep.
  • Evening hunting. Radius hunting – 1-20 km.
  • Duration of the tour – 8-10 days.
  • Primary processing of trophies.
  • Transfer to the base camp.
  • Registration of veterinary certificates for the trophy (during the day) and its preparation for exporting.
  • Delivery of tourists at the airport of Barnaul (Novosibirsk) with stops at the meal (lunch).

Duration of Hunting in Altai Forests

Hunting duration is from 1 to 10 days, when combining multiple trophies duration can be increased (upon request). The client is accompanied by the hunting guide and a ranger. On request, you can order additional rangers. Number of people in a group is from 3 to 8 hunters.

Delivery to the hunting area

Delivery to the hunting area depending on the wishes of the hunter and the weather made by helicopter or car, later by a horse through the mountains.
The client should have: personal hygiene items, several underwear items, a light warm clothes (picked up on the season), waterproof shoes.

Types of production you could obtain hunting in Altai Forests

Major trophies: Maral, Siberian mountain goat (Capricorn), brown bear, deer, wild boar.
Associated trophies: wolf, fox, grouse, hazel hen, ptarmigan.
In the event of force majeure like sharp deterioration in weather, etc.. (due to reasons that does not depends on us) that led to the non-production of the animal the customer pays only for the actual costs incurred for the organization of the tour.

On each tour depending on the location and type of production, as well as the number of required days by mutual agreement of the parties the tour price may be changed in any way.

Cost of the tour depends on the number of hunting days and the number of tourists

The tour price includes:

  • Accommodation;
  • Transfer;
  • 3 hot meals a day nutrition throughout the tour;
  • Transport services;
  • Services of a guide-interpreter;
  • Services of a hunting guide and a ranger;
  • Services of cooks on the route;
  • Use of a hiking gear and inventory;
  • Medical insurance.

The price of the tour does not include:

  • Flight to Barnaul (Novosibirsk);
  • Flights from Barnaul (Novosibirsk);
  • Alcohol;
  • Optional excursions and services;




Brown bear

Siberian mountain goat

The roe deer

Wild boar

The cost of trophies,







Price of the tour for 1

person, $






Price of the tour for 3 and

more persons, $ pp






Licence prices (per animal) and recommended number of hunting days:



Brown bear

Siberian mountain goat

The roe deer

Wild boar

Licence price, $






Recommended number of hunting days