Jeep tour “Around Seliger Lake”


Would you like to feel real Russian adventure? Do you want to spend a week in the forest on the charged off-road tracks? Complex challenges, wild off-road jeeps, real Russian spirit! A weekly jeep tour around Lake Seliger close to Moscow on off-road vehicles. Visit the rare sights, exciting obstacles and 1,500 kilometers through forests, swamps and steppes of Russia!
Jeep tour is one of the most interesting active tours! Try your driver experience and conquer wild forests of Russia in your private jeep tour in Russia.

The tour starts in Moscow

Tour Period: June – August

Kind of travel: off-road tour

Duration: 7 days

Group size: 4-10 people.

The cost is indicated for a crew of two people.

Please specify the availability of the tours and the price via e-mail prior booking

Tour Information

Description of the Jeep tour

Lake Seliger is a unique natural object in Russia, which together with the Upper Volga lakes makes an amazing ecosystem, located on the border of the Tver and Novgorod regions. For the diversity of its flora and fauna a lake of glacial origin is sometimes called the “European Baikal”.

Seliger lake is a popular destination for tens of thousands of tourists who come here every year. However, most of them are limited to swimming and fishing, while the Seliger can offer much more, not only for the body but for the soul. Among the rich cultural heritage of this Russian region can be identified Nilov desert monastery, founded back in 1594, and, for example, Shirkov churchyard with its unique temple – a monument of wooden architecture of the XVII century.

We invite you to take a part in a Jeep tour in Russia around the whole land system of lakes exploring Seligersky edge, trying not to miss anything important, to get off the well-trodden routes and visit places that do not get to ordinary tourists. On our way we will be faced with different kinds of obstacles, where everyone will have the opportunity to test and improve their skills off-road driving.

We will provide you specially prepared cars(4×4 trucks), meals and accommodation (in hotel). Our guides will do everything to get you accustomed with the difficult conditions of the Russian off-road and get the most interesting knowledge of Russian history and culture.

The total duration of the tour – 7 days. The first day of the Jeep tour we will spent on the road to the starting point of our circular route around the lake, the last day, respectively, to return. The remaining 5 days we will spend in the Seliger region woods, on the shores of the many lakes in the area and ducts, bending around Seliger gradually clockwise. All nights in this round are organized in hotels and camp sites, the nutrition is mostly restaurant.

The difficulty of the Jeep tour is average. Daily runs are not very long (except for the exit and return days), but mostly on dirt and forest roads. Off-road sections can be overcome by beginners by following the guides instructions.


The cost of travel is indicated for a crew of two people. Extra charge for one child under 12 years is 35 000 rubles.

Day 1

Meeting at the airport, transportation to Ostashkov city. Along the way several stops: lunch in the Zubtsov city, visiting beautiful flooded chapel, visiting WWII war memorial “Moskovskaya Gorka”, and holy Okovetsky source. Arriving to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 2

The jeep tour starts from visiting of the Upper Volga lakes. In the morning the road runs along its picturesque coastline. The group will make several stops to admire and capture a truly breathtaking landscapes, open at every turn.
After lunch the group is gong to visit to the unique wooden church built in 1698 Shirkova village. After that we are waiting for a serious test in the form of a deserted forest road that should take us to the next place of overnight – accommodation near the Svapusche village. Real Russian banya (Russian sauna) and a delicious meals are the plans for the evening.

Day 3

The next part of the journey, the group meet on the sources of the Volga river, in the territory of Olginsky convent, founded in the beginning of the last century. We walk around the monastery, jump across the Volga, flowing from the local swamps, and go on a russian rustic lunch, which we are going to have on a nearby farm.

Then we will try to get to Ignach-cross – a unique monument, lost in the Valdai forests. ТNear the granite cross, back in 1238 the troops of Batu Khan were stopped on their way to Great Novgorod. Thus, it is the northernmost point of Eurasia, where hordes of Mongols arrived.

Arriving from Tver region in Novgorod, we will go on an overnight stay place, where will also be the time to take a Russian  banya.

Day 4

Rounding Seliger from the north, we will have to climb the mountain Orekhovno, the highest point of Seliger region. Opens from the top of the hill landscape leaves no one indifferent. Then we go along the eastern shore of the lake, passing through the most remote and inaccessible villages. This trip will be an exam that will show you the past few days you’ve mastered the art of off road. The award will be the hearty meal in the village of Gorodets, after which we will only get to Svetlitsa, where we will spend the evening and night.

Day 5

The final day of the trip, we start with a hike in the Nilov desert – a monastery, which a century ago was the second most popular place of pilgrimage for Christians after the Holy Sepulchre. After the informative tour we will put forward in the direction of Moscow, after dinner on the way to the wonderful city of Torzhok. The rest of the jeep tour we will take on the Leningrad highway in direction to Moscow. Estimated time of arrival to the capital – 19:00.

What is included in the Jeep tour in Russia?

  • Provision of a off-road specially prepared car
  • Fuel
  • 24/7 guides support in a private car
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meals on the route
  • Car Insurance MTPL+CASCO
  • Life insurance for all members of the crew
  • Providing the necessary outfit on the route
  • Excursions
  • School of off-road driving

The price of the tour does not include:

  • Flight to Moscow;
  • Flights from Moscow;
  • Alcohol;
  • Optional excursions and services;

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