Northern lights tour


Don’t miss an unique opportunity to see one of the World’s main miracles – the Northern Lights! The best place to see the northern lights is above the Arctic Circle. In Russia you can watch this miracle just in 1500 km from Moscow – near Murmansk city. Northern lights holidays 2017 provide you possability to take unique photos and get in touch with local culture.

Don’t miss a chance to catch a magnificent photo of nature phenomenon. Northern lights tour – the cheapest way to watch the Northern Lights!

The price starst from 1000$ and depends on the group size and a date.

The tour starts in Murmansk

Tour Period: September-March

Kind of travel: road-walking tour of enhanced comfort.

Duration: 3 days

Group size: 1-8 people.

Please specify the availability of the tours and the price via e-mail prior booking.

Tour Information

Northern lights trip


Northern lights tour is the exclusive way to see Northern lights in Russia. Generally it is possible to watch Northern lights from September till the end of the March. Due to the fact that Aurora lights is a natural phenomenon, it is hardly predictable. Actually it’s necessary to stay at least 3 days in city of Murmansk to catch perfect lights, so you will “hunt” on them! Northern lights holidays is a perfect way to spend several days.

The “hunting process” take place close to night of one of the days, the other time during the day we arrange a city tour (around 5 hours) and 1-day journey to the Saami settlement.

Northern lights package holidays

The city tour program includes:
– visit the monument to the Defenders of the Polar Region (Alyosha);
– inspection of relic monument “Lamb forehead.” – rocky ridge whose age is more than 2.5 billion years;
– inspection of cabin of nuclear submarine “Kursk”;
– Lighthouse inspection, memorial, dedicated to the memory of sailors who died in peacetime;
– visiting powered icebreaker “Lenin” – the world’s first icebreaker with nuclear power plant;
– visiting of the embankment of ice-free Kola Bay;
– beautiful panoramic view of the city and the port on the opposite side of the Kola Bay.

The Saami settlement journey program includes:
– Familiarity with the reindeer, the story about the peculiarities of its breeding and lifestyles. Feeding these friendly creatures, take
pictures and make selfie with them;
– Meeting with the present Sami shaman (Noida), who will talk about Sami culture, customs and beliefs, as well as perform a tambourine shaman chants by the fire;
– Will visit seidh – Sami sacred stone, which Sami anciently worshiped and that their beliefs have secret mystical power;
– Drink real northern tea made of local herbs and roots, as well as a delicious cake from this northern berries – cranberries, cooked on the fire;
– During winter – a ride on a snowmobile in a sleigh in the surrounding churchyard, where we can explore the beautiful places surrounding the village and admire the beauty of the northern nature;
– Inspection of traditional Sami dwellings – kuoksy and vezhi;
– Participation in national Sami games – throwing the lasso and Sami football.

The Northern lights tour price includes:

  • Murmansk airport meeting and transportation to hotel;
  • Accommodation in a double room with breakfast for 3 nights in Murmansk city;
  • Aurora lights hunting (with professional guide and photographer)
  • Transport services;
  • Services of a guide-interpreter;
  • City tour;
  • The Saami settlement journey tour

The Northern lights tour does not include:

  • Flight to and from Murmansk (the average price of the tickets Moscow-Murmansk-Moscow is around 150$);
  • Alcohol;
  • Optional excursions and services;

Recommended personal equipment for Northern lights holidays :

  • Set of warm clothes (warm coat, sweater or fleece jacket, pants, socks, hat, gloves);
  • Warm shoes;
  • Personal hygiene items;
  • Photo-video equipment;

Additional Information:

Best time for northern lights

Actually this time is from September till the end of the March. Some experts said that the brightest glow actually take place in February.

Best time for northern lights 

The best time to observe the Northern Lights is late evening, from 10 pm to 3 am. The tour begins with such a margin to just grab the brightest glow.

The route or timetable on the route can be corrected based on the weather conditions, the level of training group, other external factors. The decision to change the route is taken by the guides.


The northern lights location: