Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing


A paradise for those who do not enjoy a standard rest, but appreciate solitude, beauty of the wild nature, greatness of the mountains and unique experience! It is here that you can feel the true Altai Mountains, enjoy its secrets and unique colors! A real adventure in the wild, inaccessible mountains.

Studying the roots of Buddhism, the famous artist Nikolai Roerich visited these places and glorified them all over the world. Roerich believed that Belukha, like the Himalayas, has a connection with the Cosmos. You can visit the legendary mountain and feel its mystical power. Belukha and its surroundings are the Place of Force. And ascent is the path of self-determination.

Climbing the Belukha mountain is one of the new Russia tour packages that available for foreigners.  Only here you can make your trip to Russia not only extreme but also full of mystical power.  Also you can say to your friends that you’ve climbed one of the biggest mountains in the World! You’ll not find any other Russian travel agency that provide a tour like that!

Main Information of the Belukha mountain climbing tour
Duration: 13 Days | 12 Nights
The tour starts in Novosibirsk
Age: From 18 years old
Accommodation: tents, tourist’s houses
Nutrition: all inlcuded

The price starts from 1700$ and depends on the time of the tour and the group size. Please  contact us via contact form to clarify the information.

Belukha mountain climbing tour dates in 2017:

  • 02.07-14.07;
  • 16.07-28.07;
  • 30.07-11.08;
  • 13.08-25.08;
  • 27.08-08.09;
  • or upon your request.


Tour Information

There are places created by nature where a person feels easily and freely. One of such places is Belukha Mountain. From ancient times it was considered to be sacred by the local people.

Its snow-white slopes are shrouded by many secrets, legends, traditions and prophecies. For local residents, Belukha is a symbol of purity of spirit and the center of the universe. Here, according to the traditions of Buddhists, the legendary, transcendental country of the gods of Shambhala is situated. The Old Believers are convinced that it is in the Belukha area that the secret entrance to the magical country Belovodie is located.

Today, travelers from all over the world are flocking to the Belukha foot. Some people are looking for peace of mind. And others are extreme adventures.

In this journey you will not only climb the Belukha, but also pass the most beautiful track to the Akkem Lake along the famous Akkemsky Trail and get acquainted with the unforgettable nature of the Altai Mountains.

Climbing Belukha is the most incredible adventure you can experience in Siberia. The Belukha area offers tremendous opportunities: mountaineering, pristine nature, lack of intrusive infrastructure, a field for spiritual exploration and original coloring. Perhaps this is exactly the Russia tour packages what you are looking for!

Russia holiday packages – Belukha mountain climbing tour program


Day 1. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Meeting in Novosibirsk. We are waiting for you at any time from 9.00 to 18.00 local time. Solving organizational issues. Departure at 19.00.

Day 2. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Passage of the frontier post. Transfer to the village of Tungur. Overnight at the base. Accommodation in double and triple tents in a parking lot with ready-made firewood, equipped with a place for a fire and a canopy. Distribution of equipment and products. Loading of products and public equipment on pack horses. Instruction on safety precautions. In the evening – free program and introduction of participants.

Russia tour packages

Day 3. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Breakfast. Personal equipment and products for a few days the participants carry in backpacks. On the first day of the active part of the route, you will find a separate fascinating adventure: the transfer of Tungur – Kuzuyak Pass (1513 m) – the “Three Birches” glade (under favorable weather conditions). This group’s transfer to the “Three Birches” parking is provided for the maintenance of forces before the ascent and saving time. Trekking along the forest trail. Overnight in tents on the bank of a mountain stream.

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Day 4. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Trekking to the base camp near the famous Akkem Lake (2,100 m). The base camp is located in the forest, 1.5 km below the lake. The path runs along the Akkem River. Opens view of Tekelu waterfall and picturesque panoramas on the Belukha massif. Meeting with a caravan of horses in the base camp. Distribution of products and public equipment. Overnight in tents. Going 8-10 km.

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Day 5. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Early departure. Trekking from the Akkem Lake to the Tomsk camps (3000 m) through the Akkem Glacier. The climb is about 1000 m. The crossing of the Akkem River along the bridge at the end of the lake. A visit to the chapel. Exit to the glacier. Overnight in tents in Tomsk parking. Going 17 km.

Russia tour packages
Russia tour packages


Day 6. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Technical training on the glacier “Arbuz”. Course plan: 1) movement in cats; 2) use of equipment for lifting and descent along a fixed rope; 3) the technique of movement on the railing with the submission of the necessary commands; 4) use of an ice ax; 5) exercise on “self-retention” when the participant is disrupted in a bundle; 6) the technique of movement in bundles along the glacier. Under favorable conditions – acclimatization exit to the Delone pass. Preparation for the ascent. Overnight in tents in Tomsk parking.

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Day 7. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Beginning of the technical part of the ascent. Early departure. Ascent to the Delone Pass (320 meters, ice with a slope of 35 ° – 45 °). Guides organize insurance. Overcoming the Mensu glacier and climbing to the BBS pass. Setting up the camp. Go 6 km.

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Day 8. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Departure for the ascent of the mountain top. Movement from the camp in bundles. Ascent to the Belukha pass by a rope fastened by guides (120 m). Move along the ridge to the top in bundles. Ascent to the top of the Belukha Eastern (4509 m). Descent along the path of ascent. Overnight in tents.

Russia tour packages
Russia tour packages
Russia tour packages

Day 9. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Reserve day in case of the bad weather.

Day 10. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Transition: BBS pass – Tomsk parking – Akkem Lake.

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Day 11. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Transfer Akkem lake – Tekelu Falls – Fields “Three birches”. Overnight in tents. On the rental of horses for the descent of equipment from Akkem Lake to Tungur must be reported on day 2.

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Day 12. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Glade “Three Birches” – Kuzuyak Pass (1513 m) – Tungur. Encounter with terrain vehicles, moving to n. Tungur. Closing of the expedition. Bathhouse. Departure in the evening.

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Day 13. Russia tour packages – Belukha mountain climbing

Arrival in Novosibirsk from 3 pm to 4 pm. Departure of participants.

The price includes:

  • Transportation by horses of public equipment and products (partly personal mountaineering equipment);
  • Moving on off-road vehicles;
  • The services of cooks on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 10th, 11th, 12th days of travel on schedule;
  • Nutrition on the active part of the route (all included);
  • Group first-aid kit;
  • Medical insurance and accident insurance (issued only for the ascent period: 7, 8, 9 and 10 days on schedule);
  • Instructor’s Services;
  • Organizational expenses, registration of permits and permits, comprehensive detailed consultations before the ascent from professional instructors and guides;
  • Bath 1 time in the village of Tungur;
  • Accommodation in the village of Tungur at a tourist base in tents on day 2 on schedule;
  • Group camping equipment (tents – provided free of charge, gas equipment, gas, tourist equipment for cooking on the stake, ax, saw), camping tents of the ward-room in the base camp for collecting in rainy weather and for storing things, awnings from the rain in the camp , Stationary toilets in Tungur and in the base camp;
  • Group climbing equipment (ropes, ice drills, braces, station loops, snow shovels);
  • Satellite communication Iridium in case of emergency (personal conversations are paid additionally), radio communication and GPS-navigation;
  • Branded chevron of the Club of travelers and certificate of passing the route and successful ascent.

The price does not include:

  • Flight to Novosibirsk and back;
  • Meals on the way to Tungur and in Tungur;
  • Additional baths;
  • Rental of personal equipment;
  • Personal calls by satellite phone (1 minute – 4 USD, paid in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank);
  • Extended and additional insurance;
  • Tipping guides – according to your desire.

Attention! The area where the tour take place is a border area and there are special regulations for this zone. Documents for foreign citizens should be sent 2 months before the start of the trip.

Reinhold Messner, the most famous alpinist in history, the first to climb all 14 “eight-thousanders”, in 1996 did not reach the summit of Belukha due to bad weather, calling Belukha “a mountain who has a character”.

The weather on the mountain is changeable. Sunny days change sharply on bad weather with a snowstorm. To predict the risks, to make a beautiful and safe climb – you need to know these slopes: from year to year to observe the dynamics of the snow cover, analyze the condition of glaciers, snow bridges and cracks, know the places where the ropes begin and end – in bad weather, the orientation on the route is much more difficult. Success with a 100% result is not guaranteed. If someone promises you a guaranteed climb – beware! On the route there are often not serious organizers and low-competent guides, exposing the group to unjustified risk.

Depending on the weather conditions and the status of the group, it is possible to change the route. It is not a public offer.

We are fanatically committed to safety standards that far exceed ordinary requirements. Every year, we spare no effort and resources to improve our skills and technical base. Satellite phones Iridium with 100% coverage of the planet, GPS navigators Garmin, modern means of radio communication, compulsory insurance of each traveler with cover up to $ 30,000, modern group first-aid kit, guides annually undergo emergency medical care and receive international certificates.