Snowboarding in Siberia

$500.00 $350.00

Would you like to try something new? You have already seen all the the casual ski resorts with their stupid rules? Maybe you would like to try your snowboard or skis in Siberia?

That’s a great chance! Sheregesh is a new awesome direction, the youngest ski resort in Russia and the best in Siberia! Forget about Alps! It is “moveton”! Surprise your friends by the awesome snowboard video from Siberia! Be the man of the World!

Price of the tour depends on the date and the number of tourists in group and starts from 450$. Please connect us via contat form to clarify the date and price of the tour. The rule is simple – more people – less price!

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Tour Information


Snowboarding in Russia


Sheregesh ski resort located in rocky South part of Siberia not far from Kazakhstan and Mongolia (about 1000 km to the border). Since the beginning of the 2000s Sheregesh known as a ski resort and is continuously developing. So far it’s the youngest ski resort in Russia. Sheregesh Ski Resort is a touristic center at the foot of the Green Mountain, 26 km from the city Tashtagol, 4 km from the village Sheregesh. Snowboarding in Russia is a relatively new direction. The resort has developed infrastructure, annual gaining popularity not only among the inhabitants of Siberia, but through all Russia. The resort offers a wide range of services for active recreation in summer and winter, a lot of interesting activities and accommodation facilities of different comfort levels. In 2013, the resort Sheregesh entered the Guinness Book of Records, and in 2014 was recognized as one of the most popular ski centers in the country.

So what’s is the trick of snowboarding in Russia? It’s simple: the place is awesome! The annual ammount of snow is the highest in Russia! Be sure that every day you are going to see another 0.5 m portion of snow! Every day! Powder is awesome!

Duration of the tour

Depends on your request. The minimum duration is 3 days (leaving Novosibirsk at Friday evening and come back at Monday morning). Upon request you can order one or two week tour.

What’s included

Meeting at the airport, small excursion around Novosibirsk (depends on the time of your arrival), transfer on the bus to Sheregesh, accomodation in hotel, transfer back to Novosibirsk, transfer back to airport.

About the weather

The weather depends on the season. While it’s -30 in Novosibirsk the weather in Sheregesh is much more better! Due to alpine climate the temperature is actually warmer than in Novosibirsk in order to 15-20 degrees. Casual riding weather is -10-15 C degrees.

What to put on

You need tp put on your water- windproof coat and fleece jacket. That’s enought! If you are going to snowboarding in Russia and visiting Sheregesh tour at spring – the average weather is around 0 and much more warmer during the day up to +15-18! So you can ride in your swimsuit having a beautiful sunbathing! Check up video!

Grelka fest

Grelka fest is the one of the main holidays in Sheregesh! Generally it starts at the beginning of the April and lasts in 5-7 days. The weather at this time is mild: +15 degrees during the day and the snow cover is over 2.5-3 meters! Generally people put on their swim suits and have a fun! Concerts playing from dawn to dusk!

Few words about the tour:

Day 1.

Meeting you and your friends at the airport of Novosibirsk. Some free time to see the city Novosibirsk. Moving to the bus. Leaving Novosibirsk in our party-bus at the evening. The distance between Novosibirsk and Sheregesh is around 650 km.

Day 2.

Arrival in Sheregesh at the morning. You’ve got your time to have a shower, take a nap, have a breakfast. After that you can do whatever you like! You can spend all day in Irish pub or walking in the beautifiul pine forests or riding all day at the mountings.

Day 3 – Day…?

How many days you are going to spend – depends only on you!

Last day.

Return back to Novosibirsk, bringing you to airport or if you want you can continue your Siberia travel!

Tour Video