Snowmobile Safari in Altai


Fresh winter tour at! Snowmobile Safari in Altai Mountains!
Try yourself as a pioneer discovering endless expanses of South Siberia! Feel fresh air and admire the beauty of untouched nature!
Only here you will be able to feel the harsh and beautiful Altai highlands winter version. Snow-covered highest peaks, ice-bound rivers and waterfalls, ringing silence and intoxicating frosty air.
A unique opportunity to manage a powerful off-road equipment gives a sense of freedom of movement and confidence.
Price of the tour depends on the date, duration and the number of tourists in group and starts from 800$. Please connect us via contact form to clarify the date and price of the tour. The rule is simple – more people – less price!

Tour Information

It’s an exciting snowmobile safari along the eastern Altai will not leave you indifferent. The tour covers all the charm of the Altai – mountain, mountain passes and lakes.
Karakol lakes – one of the most attractive places of the Altai Mountains. The lakes are located in the upper reaches of Karakol river (tributary of the river Elekmonar) in the piedmont of the western slope of the ridge Iolgo. The absolute height of the bottom of the lake is 1820 m, the highest – 2097 m.
Modern equipment and our instructors will guide you along this route. On the route the tourists live in warm houses with a stove.
Route does not require special physical training, but the driving experience is desirable. The tourist should be ready to travel, do not afraid field conditions and weather adversities.
About the season
The season starts in December and ends in April.
The duration of the shortest tour is 3 days (2 nights), the longest – 6 days (5 nights).