Snowboarding in Siberia

We are not kidding! Snowboarding in Siberia is not only possible but just awesome! Would you like to try yourself in such a wonderful place? Sheregesh ski and snowboard resort provide 15 elevators, height difference around 700 meters, no avalanches, 5-6 meters of snow powder, the average length of descent is 3-4 km, more than 15 bars and clubs, hot DJ! Take a look on virgin nature surfing through bright landscapes! Tell your friends that you are going to Siberia and don’t forget your snowboard!

So why you should choose Siberian snowboarding?

1. First of all it is a Siberian snowboarding! Siberian!
2. Virgin nature. It’s everywhere. Maybe you’ll meet a bear. I’m not kidding.
3. Your friends will envy you. That’s why the best way is to take them with you.
4. When you will come back you can say: “I was in Siberia and I survived”.
5. Warm place, nice people, awesome riding is a really good reason to go!

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