Things to do in Kazan Russia

Kazan Russia points of interest

This ancient city Kazan with a centuries-old history paradoxically and harmoniously combines ancient architectural artifacts with the innovations built for the Universiade. On arrival, immediately striking two things: modern, comfortable, with a developed infrastructure of the airport and a working Uber. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that the average trip around the city will cost 100 rubles, and from the airport to the center - about 450.
While you're driving, you want to not miss a single detail of the landscape sweeping the window. Here are the sports facilities, like the Puppet Theater, like the fairy-tale palace, here are the central streets with perfectly preserved houses of different eras. It does not do without screaming advertising and amazing signage from the point of view of copyright, but the city does not spoil it very much.

Places to visit in Kazan

Where do we start "taking Kazan"? In the list of the diligent tourist there will most likely be the Kremlin, Bauman Street, the Bogoroditsky Monastery and the embankment - let us learn from the French art de vivre and choose not just a tick opposite to the sights, but really to see the city.

Places to visit in Kazan

We would like to advise you several places places to visit in Kazan. Of course, there are a lot of places in Kazan, restaurants and cafes that you should visit, but in this article we will tell about some.

A cup of coffee in Kazan

The morning idea number one is to have a cup of coffee. In Kazan the people are concerned about the quality of coffee - more and more author's mini-coffee shops opens where the grains are fried by the local  coffee houses or purchased from the best supplier. In "Houdini coffee shop" (Kavi Najmi street, 3) there is only one large table, but such tasty brownies, impeccably cooked coffee and competent barista, that I want to take it all with me. Apparently, for these purposes, one of the shelves is a store of postcards, funny cups and coffee. The prices please: cappuccino - 140 rubles, raf - 180, a drink from a cascar - 100 rubles.

Places to visit in Kazan

In the Coffee Shop "Oil" (Universitetskaya street, 7), coffee is drunk for alternative music and in an industrial interior. No "mimi", only quality, only the best grain and strong hand of the guys standing behind the counter. The menu is simple: without milk (alternative, espresso, americano), not coffee (cocoa and teas), with milk (macchiato, flat white, latte, raff, cappuccino) and author's, which, in fact, is worth going to "Oil ". About the beautiful: snow raft with mint; Banana-raf - oddly enough, with a banana; Meadow raf, for which a syrup of herbs is specially brewed; Pear tea. For an impressive portion ask 220 rubles. Sweets and breakfasts are also there, you will not stay hungry, but all this is more about fun than serious food.

If you need to eat, you can look into the coffee shop "Lark", which works on weekdays from 7.30, and on weekends from 9.00. Early birds will find in the menu beigles, scrambled eggs on toast, porridge with a banana and even different soups. The interior is simple: a lot of light, pastel colors - in short, everything you need for a comfortable breakfast and create great content for Instagram.

To have a spa in Kazan

Here it is worth making a lyrical digression and informing that Kazan has one of the best spa complexes in Russia, it is called Luciano and was built by the wife of the president of the republic. With such introductions it is quite obvious that the quality of the services provided is at a very decent level. And the concentration of public people and celebrities in bathrobes - as bathers in the season on the Sochi beach.

kazan city russia  luciano

Is the price commensurate with the pleasure received? Completely! The simplest and somewhat ascetic number costs nine thousand rubles (access to the thermal complex is included) and about six thousand - without spa services.

The thermal complex is a two-level space, where there are literally everything: a pool with sea water, a milk bath, a jacuzzi, a warm pool with sunbeds, a hydromassage, and on the floor above there is a variety of steam rooms: a hammam, a Russian bath, an aromatic sauna, and the like. Perfect cleanliness, impeccably polite workers, useful snacks for those who want a snack and health tea are available completely free of charge. In short, quietly spend in Luciano all day, smoothly flowing from the pool to the steam room and from the hammam in the jacuzzi - it's easier than light.

You can take a break for a massage or work out in the gym, which is designed as Disneyland for fitness adepts. There are also health programs lasting a week or a spa weekend, including a variety of treatments. Only for its own sake - so calm, rested and refreshed - you need to go to Kazan.

Back to USSR in Kazan

The cultural program can be accomplished by making a promenade in the center with a rise to the Kremlin, an inspection of the Kul-Sharif mosque and numerous museums. A walk in Gorky Park on a fine day can also be called pleasant, taxi drivers for some reason insistently recommend drinking coffee in the park. It is necessary to believe and check.

kazan city russia

By the way, about the museums. Let's leave the heavy artillery on the conscience of guides and tell about the Museum of Happy Childhood (Bauman Street, 47, room 9). Nostalgia and gentle memories will peak at the sight of toys, books, clothes, gaming machines, posters with the series "Simply Maria" and others are made of priceless things from the distant past. In the museum you can not only see the familiar things again, but also literally touch the Soviet era.

Food in Kazan

For tourists, tasting local cuisine is an important part of the trip. Kazan is famous for its delicious food, such as: chak-chak, shurpa, belyash, ochpochmak (small triangular patty with meat and potatoes), gubadia (sweet pie, where the filling is layers of cottage cheese, rice and raisins) and many other delicacies! For the national cuisine you need to go to the "Tatar Manor" (Mardzhani street, 8). It will be delicious, satisfying and canonical.

If the dough and abundance of meat is not included in your plans, then you can have lunch in the gastropap "Apartment 63" (Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, 63). The concept is based on local products. In the menu - burrata with passion fruit, mackerel with lemon-basil risotto, gnocchi with squid and asparagus, lamb hearts with mashed potatoes. The wine list is extensive, and the bottle can be bought with you, and with a good discount. A light minus is a rather relaxed service, but for the development of taste and impressions the place is quite correct.

Another recommendation, supported by local residents, is the bar "Sol" (Profsoyuznaya street, 22). Characterize this place is best the phrase "simple and delicious." It's hard to surprise with a sandwich, even if it's fruity (consisting of dressing from cream cheese, nuts, mint, orange and banana on the grill), or burgers, albeit in six, but on the other hand, it's delicious to eat without opening Too pleasant.

Evening activities in Kazan

For dessert, let's talk about dessert. On Nekrasov Street, 31, there is a small coffee shop called "Marie Madeleine". Rather, the most important thing here is a large kitchen where master classes are held on baking and cake making. You can learn how to recognize European masters who come to Kazan with an enviable regularity, and with local teachers. In the training program - compound cakes, classic desserts and moody pasta. If there is no desire to cook, then take up places in a cafe, a pasta with innovative tastes and unusual eclairs are strictly recommended.

relab kazan city russia

In the evening, go to the bar. With relative wealth of choice, it is best to consider two bars: "ReLaw" and secret "Mr. Willard".

You can get to Mr.Willard only with the recommendation received from a barmen in ReLab, but you can go and as a plus one, which does not guarantee the possibility of a repeat visit. A Bar can not be found easy, it is between the stairs and boarded up door. Crossing the threshold, you find yourself in a very cozy room on several tables, where the center and the sense of attraction are the bar counter.

Mr. Willard kazan city russia

The philosophy of bartenders is team work and the principle "gentlemen are preparing drinks for gentlemen". While cocktails are mixed, the dapper bartenders maintain a secular conversation and carefully try to please with taste. The menu consists of 12 drinks and changes once a month. Supper in the bar is not forbidden, the chef is in the hall and discusses with guests the taste preferences and the tweaks.

Where is Kazan in Russia?

The city is located not far from Moscow, just in several hours by high-speed train.